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KRGS Doors is a manufacturer of folding closures and folding door systems. We design and build Bi Fold doors from the ground up in our Sydney based facilities with in-house engineering, tooling design, machining, manufacturing, and assembly capabilities. Whether you are retrofitting an existing structure or building a new customs facility, we can tailor our products of folding closures to meet your project requirements. Put a folding door system in place. It will last decades and increase property value by a considerable margin, saving you thousands of dollars in operating costs.

Folding Closures allow you to have security concertina doors in any shape and any length. These commercial storefront doors have no floor track, eliminating any trip hazards.

Manual operation is simple with our commercial storefront doors. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and major cities across Australia can rely on our folding closures’ durability, available with clear anodised or Dulux powder coat finish at your specification.

With also high international demand, you can easily understand just how valued our folding closures are. The adjustable folding closures provide a stylish French door look, that often makes it a popular option for storefronts and entrances where appearances matter.

While that might make it sound like a costlier option, giving your storefront or business a classy appearance does not demand a lot from your pocket. Now with KRGS, you can afford high security with a modern aesthetic that’s within your budget! 

Folding closure designs are simple, yet elegant. These closures are easily operated on the overhead track with single-hand operation – there’s no need for a helping hand to open a heavyweight shutter.

Side sliding folding closures glide smoothly, even to a considerable distance. We give you the flexibility to customise their style and shape, to fit your brand and your needs. You can even install them in a curve space using a stock, straight, and curve section.

But most importantly, our folding closures are strong. The last thing you would want as an owner is for robbers to break through and gather up all your wares. Doors at KRGS are prepared with high-quality materials and manufactured to highest standards. Our manufacturers work hard, and with complete dedication to eliminating every kind of issue people might face with these doors. Thus, you can be sure your doors will be fault-free! 

The technology behind our doors lasts for a long time. Ensuring you don’t have to worry about hiccups after installation or fast break downs because of cheap materials. 

Our specialists also help you enjoy the high level of security and durability of our products, with maintenance services and repairs. Doors busted just before you need to open or close? Our emergency service line also holds the answer for repairs and services when you need them the most. 

While the security of your store, warehouse, eatery, or other commercial establishment is of utmost importance, it’s also true that looks matter. There is a common proverb in business – your first impression is your last impression. Therefore, why not invest in making the best with your choice of security closure?

We keep this in mind while making our products, especially with our folding closures. At KRGS, we work to produce only the most stylish and well-designed folding closure. Installing one will give an attractive modern look to your premises, that will make a remarkable impression on your customers.

High Visibility Folding Closures

One of the best features of this product is it allows customers the chance to always see in and appreciate the elegance of your store. So, while the managing employee is taking a small break, or during closing time, those passing by can be encouraged to come back later.  

KRGS folding closures offer the stylish resemblance of windows that don’t shun others away from peeking in. All with the added strength of interlocking panels. It means you don’t have to worry about them breaking into the store. With no floor track required for these closures, everyone entering or leaving your store also has nothing to worry about in terms of floor hazards.

Installing new security folding closures to your store front or other type of commercial property helps give your workers, as well as the people coming in and out, assurance of proper control of the area. Giving them a better sense of peace of mind each day, as well as no unexpected surprises each day when the doors are pulled back. 

Moreover, on top of our incredible products, don’t forget about our service. Our specialists at KRGS Doors are attentive and fast with any maintenance services or repairs that your folding closures need in future. Talk to one of our staff members today for assistance with ordering custom folding closures for your property today.

These dynamic door closure are designed to put security, safety, and convenience at the top of your list. Ideal for entrances of any type, with a design that modernises the look of your building, which increases the safety of the environment. That ensures a more comfortable occupation for everyone.
Our dynamic door closure system offers many innovative features exclusive to our design and can only be found here.

Commercial storefront doors

Custom made in standard 150mm or 300mm wide panels these concertina doors allow your shop front to become an illusion. These doors can be seen in all major shopping centres and duty free airport doors.


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    • Product Information

    • Technical Specifications

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    Product Information

    • Application

      Ideal for shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks, arcades, serveries, sporting clubs and stadiums, airports, schools and doorways.

    • Operation

      All folding closures are manual operation. The closure is designed so that all modes of operation and locking is at the user standing level.

    • Architectural Specification

      Supply and install Folding Closure manufactured by KRGS 02 9608 9888.

    • Finish

      Clear anodised is the standard, whilst Dulux powder coat range is available as an optional extra.

    • Specifications

      KRGS Folding Closures Concertina doors are available in the standard 300mm width panel and also in a 150mm panel, to provide versatility in shopfront design.

    • Warranty

      A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

    Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.

    Technical Specifications

    View / Download technical specification sheets to assist in decision-making and installation
    • Track

      Track is to be constructed from sturdy aluminium 36mm wide by 40mm high, curved track can be supplied with a 600mm (to the centre of the track) standard radius. Special radiuses are vailable on request. The track has a unique aligning pin and bar system to ensure smooth operation of the closure.

    • Curtain

      The curtain is constructed of low friction continuous hinges panel in sections up to 3000m each, these are interlocked and secured on to the locking posts at each end, and sections are then joined via a unique intermediate post system which has bottom only locking to secure it. The panels are in filled with a choice of clear infill panel, opaque infill panel, perforated mesh, open bar grille, solid aluminium or a combination if required.

    • Locking

      Locking is via a key system which throws a steel rod up through the top track and also one down into a dust proof floor socket that is drilled into the floor. Key Operation is form both inside and out. Multiple doors can also be keyed alike.

    • Egress

      A simple emergency egress door can be incorporated into any closed folding closure that has a minimum height of 2250mm, operatable with interior single down action handle, panels to swing outwards to create a clear opening of 915mm by 2140mm please consult a KRGS Technician for more information or optional pricing.

    • Weight and Stacking

      Door weight is 45kg/ lineal metre.

      Download the Stacking Diagram for 150mm closures here

      Download the Stacking Diagram for 300mm closures here


    Are you not sure which door is the best application for your project? KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. A door design with you in mind, there is a KRGS product option to suit most of your requirements.


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