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Have you been searching for a way to increase your security and your peace of mind regarding the security of your workplace? Look no further thanks to the industry experts at KRGS Doors. As Sydney’s leading roller shutter door suppliers and installers we can greatly improve the level of your property’s security from break ins and intrusions with our durable and resilient products.

Made from lightweight and resilient aluminium grills our roller grilles actively provide a barrier between the interior of the property or the storefront, giving property owners and staff increased confidence while closing up the business at the end of operating hours, or outside of operating hours when the business is unattended. On top of assisting in the prevention of break ins and intrusions the presence of our roller grilles can deter intruders from breaking in in the first place.

Security Grilles

At KRGS Doors we know how important it is to have security roller shutters and grilles that unroll or extend efficiently and as fast as possible. Available in either manually-operated or motorised varieties our security grilles offer businesses and companies with an effective barrier that is custom-sized to suit the size of your store’s opening. Being made from strong and resilient materials our security grilles can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments.

So, if you are after space saving folding security grilles, or other personalised security grill doors, Sydney local businesses, retail stores, and other entities can get in touch with the experts at KRGS Doors today on 1800 897 822!