Roller Shutter Repairs & General Servicing

Roller Shutter Repairs and Services

Do you need repair or maintenance services for your roller shutters, folding doors, roller grilles or other KRGS products? Like all mechanical items, your roller shutters will require a little care and maintenance to ensure they keep performing at their best for years to come.

At KRGS Doors, our qualified technicians can service your shutters and doors every six months, as well as providing replacement parts and repairs as required

Roller Shutter Service

At KRGS Doors, we know how important roller shutter services are for keeping your doors in the best possible condition. A roller shutter service from our professional technicians will ensure your door opens and closes properly, functions effectively, and that all the individual parts are in good working order. By scheduling maintenance services every 6 months, your door will keep working at its best for many years to come, representing exceptional value for money.

KRGS Doors we’re focused on providing services that are critical solutions for the roller shutter industry by offering innovative and practical ways to improve the performance and efficiency of our customer’s businesses. Our mission is to design, manufacture, package, market, and service products that are cost-effective, efficient, and suitable for the needs of our customers in the roller shutter industry.

KRGS Doors roller shutter parts are the ideal solution for enhancing the quality of your roller shutters. They can be used to replace damaged components or simply as a way of giving your shutters a new lease of life.

We offer a vast selection of roller shutter parts. Whether you are looking for roller shutter replacement parts or just need to get your system working again, we have the parts you need.

Roller shutters are often the first line of defence for your business. With our thorough and personalised roller shutter services, businesses can be sure that their properties remain secure from unwanted intrusions.

Shutter Door Repairs

If your security has been breached and you require shutter door repairs, KRGS Doors is the team to call. Our qualified technicians can restore a high level of security to your property when your roller shutter doors have been damaged.

Shutter door repairs are ideal when your doors have been vandalised, damaged by a break-in attempt, or sustained weather damage. If you have damaged electrical or mechanical components, we can also assist you with these repairs, as well as all the replacement parts you need.

The KRGS Doors team can provide shutter door repairs for our full range, including polycarbonate and aluminium roller shutters, bi-folding doors, aluminium grilles, and much more.

Find out more about commercial door repairs now.

DIY Door Repairs: Troubleshooting Tips

Some roller doors and shutters can be repaired without a call-out. For simple troubleshooting answers that may help with your roller shutter door repairs, check out our FAQ page.

If you require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the KRGS Doors team.

Emergency 24/7 Support

If you’re in an emergency and your roller shutter door repairs can’t wait, contact KRGS Doors. We offer 24-hour door repairs for when emergencies or accidents strike.

Find out more about our around-the-clock emergency services for roller shutter door repairs.


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    Roller Shutter Repairs Sydney

    Are you looking for roller shutter repairs in Sydney? The KRGS Doors team is headquartered in the Sydney suburb of Prestons, where we manufacture all of our roller shutter and door products. We can dispatch a team to assist you with a full range of repairs in Sydney, ensuring your roller shutters and doors are never left compromised for long.

    Due to the unavailability of spare parts in the market, Sometimes it’s difficult to repair the roller shutters at your place. But you won’t have to deal with the same problem when you hire KRGS Doors! We have stocked a massive inventory of roller shutter parts that are available at wholesale rates. Our technicians will carry these exclusive spare parts while visiting your business or store site. So, they can quickly replace the damaged parts with the new roller shutter parts and restore the working of your shutter door.

    See, it’s that simple and convenient when you hire KGRS Doors – Australia’s most preferred company when it comes to roller shutter’s supply, installation, and repair job!

    With over 140 locations Australia-wide, including all capital cities, the KRGS Doors network is here for all your roller shutter repairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, and beyond.

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