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Roller Shutters, Folding Doors, Roller Grilles for Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Applications

Our product range is adaptable to practically any situation where you need increased security after hours. Our products include folding closures, a wide range of roller shutters, roller grilles, roller doors and side folding doors.

The best part is this – thanks to our very efficient manufacturing techniques, we can offer incredibly competitive pricing.

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Roller Shutters & Security Grills Supply & Installation

At KRGS doors, we stock an extensive range of roller shutters and roller grilles. Our range of roller shutters in Sydney, Brisbane and beyond provide maximum security and privacy at affordable prices. We provide three shutter doors: Counterline Shutters, the Series II Aluminium Roller Shutters and Series III Roller Shutter Commercial Doors. Depending on what exactly you want out of your roller shutters, we can find a solution for you.

Some businesses may instead benefit from our roller grilles, which allow for ventilation and visibility but also provide high security. Our roller shutters are Sydney-manufactured and sold Australia-wide – get local, trustworthy security by browsing the KRGS site or call now on 1800 897 822.

Whether you need roller grilles, roller shutters in Perth, or roller shutters in Brisbane, KRGS Doors can recommend the ideal solution for you.

Our years of experience, combined with our quality products, have made KRGS Doors the industry’s leading name! Our products have been tried and tested to offer your commercial property the best security at reasonable rates.

All our roller shutters and grilles have been carefully designed and manufactured to meet all quality standards. Therefore, our clients can always be assured of strong, visible and vandal-proof doors. Complete with servicing and repairs, KRGS Doors offers you all the solutions for complete entry security for your premises.

In our range of exclusive commercial-grade products, there is something that fits every set of requirements. Our specialists can assist you with in designing, manufacturing, and installing dynamic doors and roller shutters that fit every dimension. So, you can be assured of an enclosure for your property that is strong and doesn’t inhibit visibility.

Our Broad Range Of Security Rollers & Doors

When it comes to supply of roller shutters and other unique doors is concerned, we have you covered. What about installing these specialty doors that are designed to protect your private stores and commercial ensure belongings from burglary or intrusions? Well, KRGS Doors have this part of the equation covered as well. Our crew of highly experienced technicians are available, so you don’t have to desperately try to hire someone off the internet to install these unique doors.

You just have to tell us when you would like to install these roller shutters and other security doors. We will send our best people to carry out this critical task that requires a significant level of skill, intricacy, and dedication. And at KGRS Doors, we have a team that possesses all these aspects and much more. We work carefully and never throw caution to the wind while installing manual or unique automatic doors.

Here is the list of specialty doors that we supply and install in Sydney -

  • Commercial Roller Shutters
  • Manual Roller Shutters
  • Folding Closure
  • ClearStack Bi-folding Door
  • Polycarbonate Roller Shutters
  • Aluminium Grille
  • Kiosk Shutters
  • Mobile Trellis Barrier
  • Aluminium Garage Door & More

As you can see, we have all the solutions that you need for residential, commercial, and even industrial security requirements in Sydney. So, hurry up and call us now!

We Meet The Interior Fitout Association Standards

As a member of the Interior Fitout Association (IFA), we ensure that our standards align with the association’s quality benchmarks. When you sign up with KRGS Doors, you get excellent quality workmanship from dedicated professionals working to meet your expectations. So, from the manufacturing point towards the installation procedure, you will see the best work in the market. All thanks to the Interior Fitout Association’s oversight and guidance on every project that we undertake in Sydney.

So, be a part of the KRGS Doors family and explore your options at Sydney’s most reliable door manufacturers today!

Our experienced door manufacturers work in a proper fashion, one that leaves no room for error. So, you get your entire investment’s return when you sign up with KRGS Doors - the proud unique door supplier in Sydney!

Fire Rated Roller Shutters

There are many advantages to installing KRGS roller shutters at your place of business in Sydney.

Fire-rated roller shutters are often important facilities to consider when implementing shutters in a highly populated space. A fire-resistant roller shutter helps control the spread of fire, without combusting or changing in shape. A good rating means your shutters will be able to efficiently perform, even in high heat.

Our products make a great cost-efficient investment. KRGS doors and shutters are effortless to clean and require only minimal maintenance. Each product is highly durable, and therefore a cost saver down the line, in terms of needed service and repairs. Which means these are dynamic doors that will help you save!

Custom Security Roller Shutters

We provide you with high-quality doors in Sydney that adds security to your commercial premises. Whether you are looking for roller doors for an establishment in retail, hospitability, education, entertaining, transportation or infrastructure. At KRGS Doors, we also care about your budget. Thus, you can find that our product will always be at an economical choice.

Our door manufacturers work hard in making door and shutter designs that are universally flattering. Consequently, our products won’t distract from the effort gone into curating a strong appearance for your brand. Rather, our dynamic doors and shutters will only add a greater sense of harmony to your establishment.

Our roller doors have been designed to take less space than others available in the market. With their limited size, KRGS Doors are easy to install and fit into various locations and size requirements.

The standard in durability, which our products are designed and manufactured for, is undoubtedly one of the best. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy the security and beauty of our doors and shutters for a long time to come. Also, in case of any type of problems, you can get direct tips and help directly from the door manufacturer.

Some businesses may instead benefit from our roller grilles, which allow for ventilation and visibility whilst factoring in the best level of security. Our roller shutters are Sydney-manufactured and sold Australia-wide – for local, trustworthy advice and products browse the KRGS site or call now on 1800 897 822.

Whether you need roller grilles, roller shutter doors in Perth, or roller shutters in Brisbane, KRGS Doors can recommend the ideal solution for you. This international demand for our product makes us confident about the utility and customer satisfying capacity of the KRGS Doors.

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