Factors that determine the price of a Commercial Shop front Door

It is often asked how much a commercial shop front door costs, there are a number of considerations to determine the cost of a commercial shop front door.

  1. SIZE

…but you already knew that! Depending on the size of the Roller Shutter or Folding Door will depend on the cost



Similar to size this can have an impact on the cost. The standard colour of our products is natural anodised, but doors can be powder coated in the Duralloy Dulux Range to either stand out or blend in with your Décor. Another factor is pricing is the method of Operation. Manual or Motorised Operation and the size of the door will depend on what is required.



Roller Shutters, Roller Grilles, and Folding Door options include Aluminium, Steel, and Polycarbonate. This all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Do you require air flow or vision to engage your customers while the store is closed. Do you want to block out the store when closed? The materials you choose will all define your Store’s look and price point.

What Will Your Commercial Shop Front Door Cost?

Because of the variables involved in determining the cost of Shop Front Doors, the best, and easiest way to get an idea of how much your new shop front door will cost is to request a free quote.

One of our amazing trusted sales team will contact you, talk to you briefly about what type of Shop Front Door and the look you’d like to create, and provide you with an estimate. If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, click on the link below or call 1800 897 822


Commercial Shopfront Door Variables Between Suppliers



Quality designs, engineering, and construction take expertise and experience. You should be able to trust your Shop Front Door Supplier to work within your budget without cutting corners. Suspiciously cheap doors are expensive later.



If a door supplier builder doesn’t stand by their work, they won’t mind selling it cheaply. Make sure their warranties protect your investment.



When comparing prices, make sure you take the quality of the hardware into account. Cutting corners here can be very expensive.


  1. SIZE

Tiny firms will sometimes be cheaper than larger ones. A tiny “firm” may actually be one generalist, while larger firms employ experts for each phase. Designing, engineering, and construction all require different skill sets. Tiny firms are also more likely to go bankrupt, leaving you with a hole in your store and thousands of dollars lost. We’ve had to help customers in that exact situation. It’s not fun.
















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