• What is the stacking size required for folding closures?
  • What is the Head track size of the folding closure?
  • What fixing do I require for the head track?
    • Continuous timber or steel fixing is required for the full length and width of the head track.

  • What is the weight of a Folding Closure?
    • Door weights are approximately 45kg/linear metre

  • What size is the floor ferrule for the folding closure to lock into?
  • What is the Side Guide size for Roller Shutters?
    • Refer to each products specification page for sizes

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  • How much side room is need for my roller grille or shutter?
    • Series 3 and 19 mm Grilles require 200mm side room

    • All other grilles and shutters can be fitted between walls with no side room needed

  • What AMPS are required for the motor?
    • A standard Simu 240v motor requires a 10 AMPS power supply

    • A 3 Phase motor requires 2.4 AMPS power supply

  • How close do I need power for the Motor?
    • Power will need to be run from the source to within 1 metre of the door location. This needs to be arranged before installation.

  • What happens in my store if there is a no power to the motor (i.e blackout)?
    • All motorised doors can have a back up battery option that will only draw power while the door is operating. Speak to your KRGS consultant regarding these options and pricing.

  • How often should I get my door serviced?
    • KRGS Doors recommend that you get your door serviced every 6 months. Like all mechanical items, our doors have moving parts that need to be regularly checked to ensure your door is in good working order.

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Trouble Shooting Questions
Motorised Roller Shutter
  • Check electrical board to ensure power is still on?
  • Most doors have 2 keyswitches, try to operate the door using other keyswitch?
  • Has the emergency mushroom head button been pushed in?
  • Has the declutching cable been disengaged? (The declutching cable is usually located in the ceiling near the motor or in the wall cavity) If you can get to this and disengage the motor the door will operate manually and be able to close and open
Motorised Roller Shutter
Folding Closure
  • Is there dirt in the floor socket? Push the cap down with a pen to see if you can push it down
  • The lock needs to be locked down first, before the top pin will engage
  • Are the locking holes in the floor and head track lining up with the locking pins?
  • Take the floor socket out of the floor and try locking the door now
  • If the handle to the lock has come off try locking the door from the inside or outside where handles are in tact.
  • Does the door have a break out door installed? Has this been opened and not shut properly?

Are you not sure which door is the best application for your project? KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. A door design with you in mind, there is a KRGS product option to suit most of your requirements.

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