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The KRGS Series II Aluminium shutter has a 75mm interlocking slat curtain that is manufactured from aluminium extrusion. This provides an attractive appearance without compromising door security. Lightweight and highly-resilient, our modern and effective aluminium roller shutters provide Sydney businesses and homes with premium protection from outside and unwanted intrusion.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

When it comes to installing aluminium roller doors or aluminium security shutters, you can trust KRGS Doors. Sydney-based, our team distributes quality aluminium products all across Australia. We provide roller aluminium shutters in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and major cities throughout the country. With expert installation services through local accredited installers, you can trust the KRGS Doors network. Click through to our Contact page to lodge an enquiry form and to get in touch with a local sales representative.

Made from durable aluminium, our security shutters can withstand both exposures to unfavourable environmental conditions, as well as providing an effective barrier against forced intrusion. Our wide range of widths and designs make our aluminium shutters suitable for almost any location, such as stores, schools, offices, etc. Thanks to the quality of our custom-made aluminium roller shutters, Sydney locals from all walks of life and from across the city can enjoy peace of mind for an affordable price. The shutter’s prime quality, strength, vandalism-protection, budget-friendly price, and the fantastic servicing of KRGS, have raised our aluminium rolling shutters as a popular stable across Sydney!

Aluminium Shutters for All of Australia

Aluminium roller shutters offer a balance of lightweight usability with solid durability and security. Our speciality aluminium roller shutter doors and aluminium security shutters provide Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and any other Australian-based business owner with total peace of mind about the safety of their stock.

With our reliable and resilient aluminium shutters, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth businesses can increase their property’s security while further deterring would-be intruders from thinking their storefront is an easy target.

Aluminium is a long relied upon material in structures for its strength and high resistance to corrosion. Making it preferable to Perth and Brisbane climates. You can count on it to resist damage and wear and tear from UV, dirt, chemicals, and moisture.

Aluminium has a strength that is comparable to steel. While steel is a stronger construction material, the highly lightweight and resistant nature of aluminium makes it a great option when it comes to commercial security barriers. Thus, aluminium shutters have become an asset in security that you can rely on – with longstanding durability and minimal effort needed in maintenance. Our expert aluminium shutters manufacturers build shutters with utmost attention and care to produce products that meet all of your needs.

This vast international demand for aluminium shutters has made them more and more desirable for new customers and users. Aluminium has an almost 25% lighter weight than steel which makes aluminium shutters a very user-friendly application. The problem of handling heavy shutter is entirely diminished with aluminium, all with a secure barrier for your store. Our aluminium shutters in Brisbane and aluminium shutters in Perth bring you this amazing ease of operation.

Custom Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium shutters really shine in modern storefronts, warehouses, and local Government infrastructure. If you are planning to replace your age-old shutter with a new one that offers premium protection and classic design, then our aluminium shutters are the best option for you.

KRGS will satisfy your requirements in design and style with sleek, shiny, hard-edged, and modern-looking shutters. All with the unique finishing touches of our manufacturer for clean lines and remarkable strength. The solid interlocking system, along with our aluminium shutters’ protective body, leaves no room for intruders to break it.

Apart from the stable security and the clean modern look of these shutters – your budget and the maintenance required are probably your prime concerns before you install our aluminium shutter. KRGS provides you with the best quality shutter at a reasonable price, while only requiring minimal maintenance. So, take a break from the stress of installing a new shutter and give us a call!

With more than 140 locations nationwide, the KRGS Doors team can assist you with aluminium shutters & doors wherever you are across Australia. This includes:

  • Aluminium Shutters in Brisbane
  • Aluminium Shutters in Perth
  • Aluminium Shutters in Sydney
  • Aluminium Shutters in Canberra
  • Aluminium Shutters in Melbourne
  • Aluminium Shutters in Adelaide
  • And services for all other major and capital cities!

Commercial Aluminium Doors

The commercial aluminium doors provided by our team are perfect for a range of workplace environments. This includes retail and shopfront locations, industrial settings, and other commercial real estate settings. Whether you’re looking for aluminium storefront doors in Melbourne, or commercial aluminium doors in Sydney, the Series II Aluminium Shutter is perfect for you.

Now that you are familiar with what we do and all services are included under our banner, why not connect with us? Whether you want an aluminium roller shutter for the exterior gate or the interior storage spaces, KRGS Doors is the perfect place for you.

Why Choose Us?

  • Some of Australia’s finest fabricators manufacture our aluminium roller shutters using the best raw materials available at our workshop.
  • You can pick custom-size aluminium shutters for your store or commercial space, and we will deliver them to Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and across Australia.
  • Sign up with us today and get a free quote from Australia’s leading aluminium shutter manufacturer! There are no hidden charges, and the service is exceptional at KRGS Doors!

To find out more about our cost-effective and long-lasting supply and installation services for aluminium storefront doors and shutters, speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team on 1800 897 822.

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    Product Information

    • Application

      Ideal for shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks, arcades, serveries, sporting clubs and stadiums, airports, fire reel cupboards, schools and doorways.

    • Operation

      Manual operation, push-up and pull-down with supplied pull stick. Shutters can be electrically motorised with key switch or remote control operation as an optional extra. Optional Battery Backup System available.

    • Architectural Specification

      Supply and install Aluminium Shutter Series II manufactured by KRGS Roller Grilles and Shutters 02 9608 9888.

    • Finish

      Clear anodised is the standard, whilst Dulux powder coat range is available as an optional extra.

    • Specifications

      Single aluminium shutters can be manufactured up to a width of 3600mm manual operation, maximum door width up to 6000mm when motorised. Larger openings can be fitted with multiple doors with a combination of standard or corner mullions.

    • Warranty

      A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

    Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.

    Technical Specifications

    View / Download technical specification sheets to assist in decision-making and installation
    • Curtain

      The curtain is constructed using interlocked 75mm x 2.0mm heavy duty extruded aluminium slats. The design of the slat produces a V shape front surface to ensure strength. The ends of these aluminium sections are fitted with a nylon end clip to ensure quiet and smooth operation. Optional slotting with acrylic infills is available to provide a viewing area. Please consult your KRGS Technician about your requirements.

    • Bottom Rail

      The bottom rail is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 90mm in height and 25mm in width. The locking mechanism for the shutter is concealed in this rail and can be key operated from both sides.

    • Locking

      Lcoking is a two way key mortice lock mounted in the centre of the bottom rail, that slides a steel shoot bolt out into the side guides. Optional locking position allows an option for locking rail at waist height from both inside and out. Multiple doors can also be keyed alike.

    • Side Guides

      Side Guides are 50mm deep by 30mm wide extruded aluminium suitable for face fit or through the mouth of the guide if fitted between walls.

    • Mullions

      The standard 180 degree mullion is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 150mm wide x 30mm; a steel shoot bolt secures the mullion into the floor. Special mullions are also available to suit a variety of degrees and applications. Special wide mullions can be manufactured to suit any angle shall be fabricated with 1.6mm aluminium sheet securely fitted to our standard side guides for angle openings where doors need to be stacked.


    • Brackets

      Brackets are manufactured from slotted 90mm x 40mm mild galvanized steel.

    • Drum

      The drum is manufactured using a 150mm diameter tube if manual or if motorised it is a 229mm diameter tube with an internal spring designed to counterbalance the operation of the shutter.


    Are you not sure which door is the best application for your project? KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. A door design with you in mind, there is a KRGS product option to suit most of your requirements.


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