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Security Mobile Trellis Doors

For open aired environments and pop-up stores you may think that there is no way to secure property at night. In truth, there is a time tested and proven solution – mobile trellis doors!

Do you know just how effective these products are for portable security? Whether for events or to limit access in shopping centres at closing time, trellis doors easily block off spaces. Their versatility makes them extremely easy to set out and use. Best of all, is of course the fact that they are mobile. Meaning you have the option to use it anytime anywhere security is required.

Our trellis doors are available across Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

The KRGS Mobile Trellis Barrier allows you to have a versatile trackless barrier at any given length. These commercial Mobile Trellis Barriers doors have no floor track or head tracking. Considering the safety concerns with floor tracking, you can have full assurance when using these barriers as they eliminate any trip hazards. And with lightweight design, easy-to-carry form and ease-to-construct it really is a great reason to rely on KRGS mobile trellis barriers.

But you may still have more questions, like: What about user experience? Do trellis doors require a mechanic to install? The answer is simply NO.

The most challenging part may actually be removing them off your vehicle. All you really need to do is set them up and then pull them into the position you need the barrier. Once done, they are easy-peasy to pack away!

The mobile trellis barrier eliminates the need for extra storage space at the front of your premises to hide away doors. They are incredibly durable and suitable for a large range of usages. For example, you can use them in immense gatherings to divide larger spaces into zones (such as for the general public, and for staff). These barriers can also be used as a way to secure kiosk store stores or cafes.

For a mobile barrier you can rely on, shop KRGS Doors – we’ve got you covered. Here at KRGS Doors, we supply high quality trellis doors in Sydney at a very affordable price.

Trellis Security Doors

Security, of course, should be everyone’s first and foremost concern. With the increasing number of crimes in communities, it is understandable to pay extra caution to how you lock up and secure property.

If you are looking to increase the security and safety of your property, then KRGS Doors has you covered. There are many ways you can always safely deter intruders from encroaching into your commercial space by trusting the experts at KRGS Doors because we take security seriously. We stand firmly behind the quality, strength and function of our products that we have on offer.

Our high-quality security barriers and trellis security doors are made from resilient materials. Our Trellis doors Melbourne and Trellis doors Perth, provide property owners a physical and mobile barrier, allowing them to cordon off sections of their property, such as closed stores in shopping centres. It will send a clear signal to intruders that you are all set up to fight. It restricts their free movement and makes it harder for them to cause any damage.

What more do you get from an Australian Trellis Door company based in Sydney? We offer custom-made doors to the dimensions required by our customers. Our trellis security doors are made for current conditions and requirements, ensuring that they deter intruders from accessing restricted areas. Plus, these stylish and classy designs also often prove a delight to the eyes. It gives your business or organisation a clean, modern look that creates the perfect picture of professionalism.

Furthermore, we believe in customer satisfaction. KRGS is dedicated to its customers from every professional angle. You can always count on our support whenever required. If you face any trouble after your door installation, you can directly call us and inform us of your issue. Our specialists are always ready to pack their things and work on your door.

Finding us is easy. We are only a phone call way and can happily come to your premises when required. Having security doors installed is one of the best decisions you will ever make. For quality, strength and durability in security doors and barriers KRGS Doors are the experts that businesses trust! Call us on 1800 897 822 for a seamless supply and installation experience.

Expandable Barriers – Helps you control traffic.

Great that you are getting a security trellis door for your commercial space or retail store in Sydney. But what about the passage of vehicles in and around the parking lot of your store? You can’t leave the traffic to the customers itself, can you? You have to set up something to help them properly park and remove vehicles from your parking lot. And KRGS Doors has the perfect solution for your problem – expandable barriers.

Yes, KRGS Doors supplies and installs expandable barriers and trellis doors for commercial entities across the country. So, you can place your order right now, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Product Information

    Security Trellis Barrier Sydney
    • Application

      Ideal for shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks, arcades, serveries, sporting clubs and stadiums, airports, schools, crowd control and doorways.

      Standard height of 2000mm in height by any length

    • Operation

      All mobile trellis barriers are manual operation. The barrier is designed so that all modes of operation and locking is at the user standing level.

    • Architectural Specification

      Supply and install Mobile Trellis Barrier manufactured by KRGS Roller Grilles and Shutters 1800 897 822.

    • Finish

      Eco friendly powdercoat Satin Black is the standard

    • Warranty

      A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

    Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.

    Technical Specifications

    View / Download technical specification sheets to assist in decision-making and installation
    Security Trellis Barrier Mobile Unit
    • Curtain

      The curtain is constructed from heavy duty steel 20mm x 20mm square bars, these are joined by 40mm x 40mm square steel uprights that operate on reinforced ball bearing caster and rubber tyres. All casters have a foot lock for added safety. The wheels are secured to the curtain via a 460mm T bar foot to add stability.

      Available in 2 panel sizes 3000mm wide or 2000mm wide by 2000mm high. Larger openings can be fitted with multiple joined panels.

    • Locking

      Locking is via drop bolts that lock into the stainless steel floor plate at the base of each upright to provide extra stability and security. The Mobile Trellis Barrier can also be fixed to the wall at one end and be securely locked to the floor at the opposite end with the drop bolt. All locking is ecured via padlocks (supplied by others)

    • Weight and Stacking

      Door weights are approximately 48kg for the 2000mm x 2000mm and 52kg for the 3000mm x 2000mm Always contact KRGS Technician for accurate stacking details.


    Are you not sure which door is the best application for your project? KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. A door design with you in mind, there is a KRGS product option to suit most of your requirements.


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