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In today’s security-conscious world, a shutter system that can be opened and closed manually offers carefree and stylish protection. That’s where KRGS manual roller shutters come in. We provide a range of cost-effective roller shutter parts to get your shutters up and to run again swiftly and smoothly. 

KRGS Doors Has All The Solutions For You

The manual rolling shutter is an ideal solution to situations in which automation is not a requirement. The perfectly balanced manual rolling shutter system ensures more excellent stability and safety. With its design, which features a minimal thickness and large sections, the KRGS offers unsurpassed aesthetics.

Every manual roller shutter manufactured by KRGS meets the highest quality, aesthetics and functionality standards and is supported by excellent after-sales service. Our products are used to protect the beauty of your place while maintaining the natural light inside your property. We develop and manufacture products that offer you maximum comfort.

A Flawless Product From KRGS Doors 

KRGS manual roller shutters represent the latest generation of patented shutters commercial use. The shutters are simple to operate.

KRGS Doors provide market-leading manual rolling shutters designed to fulfil most of the needs of today’s clients. Whether you are looking for a single door or utilising KRGS doors on the entire property, our products will offer you the highest quality, the latest look and design at an affordable price.

Manual Roller Shutters

KRGS Doors has often prioritised security above anything else. Everything is well if you are safe and secure. With state-of-the-art technology increasing every day and all types of modern security are being provided, it makes you feel extra secured. The automatic doors, triggering alarms, cameras, etc., ensure maximum safety but also cost a fortune. The ideal way would be to have manual rolling shutters installed at your store. These provide just the proper security you need and cost you relatively less in comparison to others. Especially here, at KRGS Doors, we provide you with incomparable prices and unmatchable quality.

Our manual roller shutters are one of the strong suits that we offer. From the littlest of stores to the big outlets, we have all types of sizes and varieties in manual rolling shutters. These manual rolling shutters are long-lasting and imperishable. They can keep all kinds of unwanted crowds outside and allow you to be concern-free. Manual rolling shutters can be seen everywhere as they are well-known in terms of security. They are opened and closed with hands and have winders attached to them, both inside and outside. These are being replaced by electric roller shutters; however, they are more expensive than these. Manual roller shutters from KRGS Doors are precisely what you need if you want maximum safety and minimum cost. 

Benefits Of Choosing Manual Rolling Shutters

Thank you for choosing KRGS Doors to be your manual rolling shutters supplier. We are a 100% Australian owned company and feels overwhelmingly proud to be at your service. We are one of the leading suppliers in this industry, and thus, it’s our job to tell you the benefits of installing manual roller shutters in front of your business. So, here it goes! 

  • Security: Protect your goods, products, and other things inside your space with a sturdy barrier at the gate. And aluminium manual shutter doors are the perfect options for any business owner that wants to secure their business. 
  • Deterrent: When someone (probably some criminals) sees an immovable barrier guarding their targeted goods inside the store, they won’t even try to entertain the idea of intrusion. 
  • Fend off nature: If your store or business entity is outside a shopping complex, you should install these manual rolling shutters. You never know when a storm would brew up or any other type of hazard that may occur in the future. A roller shutter door keeps your commercial goods safe and secure. 
  • Low maintenance: Easy to operate, clean, and maintain; that’s what comes with every roller shutter. Yes, you don’t have to expend a lot of energy cleaning the shutter every often; the cleaning process is frankly relatively straightforward. Plus, you save a lot of money due to the fewer repairs and fixes these shutters need. 

Like what you see? Then why not contact us today for a seamless experience with the supply and installation of these manual roller shutters? You are just one call away from acquiring our world-class services across Australia, including Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney. 

Why Choose KRGS Doors?

  • We have a crew of professional designers, fabricators, and installers available for your requirements. 
  • You can order custom manual rolling shutters for your store or storage space, and we will deliver a door that meets your expectations. 
  • Our prices are reasonable, and you will have no complaints from our team. Besides, you can always call our support team to clear out any doubts that you may carry. 
  • KRGS Doors will provide you with a free quote for all of our aluminium security doors in Australia, including manual roller shutters! 

Call us today and get a free quote. You can also read more about the product’s description below!


For more information on these roller shutters, you can always contact us on 1800 897 822 or compose an email at to get a revert.

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    Product Information

    Our entire team consists of people with over five decades of experience in the same field, providing all kinds of practical knowledge we need. KRGS Doors has never given its clients a chance to complain as we take additional and thorough care. Along with providing the custom-made manual roller shutters for you, we also render the repairing services. If you have made a mistake in getting them installed by someone else, and they have started to get broken, you can always reach out to us and we will repair or replace, as needed, as quick as possible.

    We are versatile in both the departments, be it repairing or replacing. Our team will also assist you on how to maintain your manual rolling shutters further. You will know about the things that you should and shouldn’t do.

    Providing the supreme quality has always been our motto, even if we must go beyond limits for that. We are quite passionate about our work and entirely dedicated to it. Our team is only completely satisfied until you are. If you are well-pleased with our work (and we assure you that you will be), that’s all we ask. Rendering you with supreme quality is undoubtedly on the top of our list, but our customer service isn’t that behind either. When you reach out to us, we will try our best to resolve all the queries you have and provide you with all the assistance you need.

    Don’t wait anymore. Your store isn’t going to save itself. You need to initiate, and you need to act. For that, pick up the phone and start dialling 1800 897 822. You’re going to be much more relieved after communicating with our team. Get a thorough and detailed quote for your new manual rolling shutters and get going!


    Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.

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