Commercial Roller Shutters

We’re always security conscious when it comes to our place of residence. Having extra locks and sturdy doors to keep our family safe. But when it comes to our businesses, shouldn’t we also keep an extra eye there as well? Store robberies have been increasing day by day and are at an all-time high now, and many people blaming the pandemic. In such circumstances, locking your store with a simple door just won’t cut it anymore. What you need is a deterrent something solid and brawny that ensures comprehensive security. Well, search no more as our commercial roller shutters are the perfect solution to your everyday safety concern. 

Melbourne is known for its population growth, which leads to an abundance of stores, ultimately resulting in greater thefts. Our commercial roller shutters have proven to be extremely durable, and precision built. We have an extensive range of commercial roller shutters and can provide you with the requirements you need. The accuracy and precision in the dimensions of our shutters are one of our key areas. The cutting and chopping are not apparent at all, making you wonder whether it was ready-made or custom-built for your store.

We have achieved many milestones throughout years in the industry, our greatest accomplishments are our satisfied customers from self-employed mums and dads to Large Corporate entities in the areas of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, etc. We take pride in mentioning that KRGS Doors has been serving the local communities tirelessly but since 2007. Our reputation has flourished through of network of satisfied clients providing a vast word-of-mouth market. Our clients have been recommending us ever since they received our service, and we couldn’t be more grateful to render our services to more and more people.

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    Product Information

    We provide commercial roller shutters at a very reasonable price without any compromise in the quality and service offered in Melbourne. We are passionate about what we do, and it resonates in the work we provide. KRGS Doors is a business you can rely on and are always available to support you at any time.

    Our team has an aggregate experience of over 189 years which is testimony to the provision of our convenient services. With vast practical knowledge in the field, KRGS Doors is aware of all the mishaps and incidents that can occur in this field, our number one priority is safety. With comprehensive planning processes implemented for each individual project, this ensures our clients can have the most pleasing experience.

    Our commercial roller shutters are sturdy yet exceptionally easy to operate. Being user-friendly you can effortlessly roll them up or down, unlike the other bumpy shutters, which take forever to function. The commercial roller shutters of KRGS Doors are entirely noiseless. Even the neighbouring stores won’t be able to hear if you have opened or closed your store. These are just some of the incredible features that our quality products possess, and we assure you that you will find more.

    Don’t let your store become an easy target for thieves, for the safety of you and your staff initiate the first step today! By contacting us on 1800 897 822. After you lay down your commercial roller shutters’ requirements, we will then provide you with the quote at a guaranteed cost-effective price.

    Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.

    Technical Specifications

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