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Folding Closure
Folding Closures allow you to have security concertina doors in any shape and any length. These commercial storefront doors have no floor track, eliminating any trip hazards.
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Security Mobile Trellis Barrier
The KRGS Mobile Trellis Barrier allows you to have a versatile trackless barrier at any length. These commercial Mobile Trellis Barriers doors have no floor track or head track, eliminating any trip hazards or the need for bulkheads.
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Clearglide Bi-Folding Door
The KRGS Clearglide is a most versatile innovative door and wall system free from mullions and restrictive pillars, providing the ultimate in practical side folding doors. No Floor track required = no trip hazard.
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Clearstack Bi-Folding Door
The KRGS Clearstack delivers a wall of security whilst still showcasing your product. Unlike tradition folding stack-able doors, the Clearstack sits completely inside the lease line to allow maximum shopfront space and glides smoothly along the overhead track.
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Expandable Plastic Traffic Safety Gate Barrier
The KRGS Expandable Plastic Traffic Safety Gate Barrier is a portable high impact and temperature resistant plastic expandable barricade designed to quickly render areas safe from both crowd control and vehicles.
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Clearbreeze Bi-Folding Doors
The KRGS Clearbreeze delivers a wall of privacy whilst still allowing desired airflow, light and glides smoothly along the overhead track.
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Folding Doors Allow for maximum frontage opening with no drop-down bulkhead. Any shape and any length, all with no floor track equaling no trip hazards.

Folding Doors / Concertina Doors

Folding Closures allow you to have security concertina doors in any shape and any length. These commercial and retail concertina doors have no floor track, eliminating any trip hazards. Great for protecting shopfronts against theft, for businesses that need airflow while being secure and as an add-on level of after-hours security for your business, concertina doors are the solution for many businesses in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. 

The Mobile Concertina Screen Trellis system is ideal for keeping your business safe because of its strength and functionality, making it an ideal retail concertina door. The Fixed Concertina Security Trellis Door is heavy duty and fully-framed for extra protection. It takes only seconds to close and lock these retail concertina doors. Brisbane, Sydney and Perth business-owners of all types can rely on our security concertina doors, from banks, shop fronts, hotel bars, closed warehouse areas, banks, government buildings, hospitals, clubs, sports arenas, airports, railway stations, heritage buildings etc. When it comes to concertina, bifold and commercial sliding doors, Sydney-based manufacturers KRGS are the Australian brand you can trust. 

Concertina Doors

Concertina doors are an ideal security solution for a range of businesses. Our range of concertina doors allow you to create an al fresco look or find a mobile solution, depending on what you need. Our lightweight aluminium concertina doors provide a great security measure for stores. For the most extensive range of concertina doors in Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, talk to the team at KRGS Doors for your ideal solution.

Concertina Doors in Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

For concertina doors in Brisbane, Perth and Sydney, business-owners should look no further than KRGS Doors. Talk to us on 1800 897 822 to find the perfect concertina doors for your Brisbane, Perth or Sydney business.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

In the market for aluminium bifold doors? Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane property owners can rely on the quality-construction of KRGS Doors for their security, utility and flexibility. Lightweight aluminium bi fold doors means opening and closing these doors manually is easy, while still offer strong protection from intruders. Our aluminium commercial bi fold doors (Sydney manufactured and available Australia-wide) are an affordable option for your store or warehouse.

We also provide over-the-phone trouble shooting advice, and can provide on-site repairs for your aluminium bifold doors. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane locals can all rely on KRGS for top-quality doors at a reasonable price. 

Folding Doors Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth

KRGS Doors is a leading Australian name in folding doors. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth offices means we can provide easy sales, over-the-phone assistance and repairs across Australia. Our sliding doors come in a range of styles and materials (including aluminium and polycarbonate) so you can trust there’s an option to suit your property and budget.

A folding closure allows high-security protection with concertina products fitting any shape and length of entrance. With no floor track, this is an easy and accessible options which eliminates trip hazards. For quality, value-for-money folding doors, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney property owners rely on KRGS Doors – for more information call today on 1800 897 822

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