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In today’s society, it is near impossible to watch the news on television or listen on the radio and not hear a tragic story about a break and enter and the damage caused to small businesses or households in Australia. It is even more difficult not to hear personal stories of acts like these affecting your friends and family members. These stories are positively encouraging businesses and households to upgrade their security methods and look closely at what steps they can take to protect your business and family from such acts of crime.

Security grilles are a cost effective way to provide maximum security to your commercial and residential properties. A security grille is a large type of gate that is designed to protect various types of buildings, businesses and other structures from unauthorized entry. KRGS doors have a team of experts who will help you select, install and maintain their wide range of grilles. The team are experts in their field and will have no trouble helping you find the right grille to meet your needs.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, more than a third of Australian small businesses have been affected by crime and one in five loses more than 10 per cent of annual profit to theft. The most common crime affecting small businesses is listed as burglary, which is a preventable crime given the right measures are in place. Burglary affects many small businesses in many different ways. This increase in crime, in particularly burglary can be attributed to the global economic conditions such as the recession and increased cost of living in Australia. When times are tough, people tend to resort to crime as a last resort.

Although both household and commercial crime trends are worrying, the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) states proportionally more crimes are committed against businesses than households with the most common being burglary. By installing a security grille in your retail or small business, it will help give you the peace of mind knowing that all of the important merchandise contained inside is protected, even when you're not actually present. Considering the various costs associated with replacing stolen and damaged goods, installing a security grille is a small price to pay to avoid extensive and avoidable long term costs. Although most businesses have insurance, many businesses lose a large sum of money after crimes of this nature affect their businesses and some even lose business for varying periods of time. In some scenarios, the costs are even so high that the business must close permanently.

The importance of installing maximum security measures is evident when flicking through the latest news headlines with many stories out there on break and enters and the extreme associated losses of merchandise and money left on the premises. The NSW Police have released a media release overnight in regards to a break, enter and steal in Rockdale. Fortunately, in this case, all that was taken was a cheque book and a soft drink. The costs of repairing the property damage however will not come cheap and they may lose business as a result. Other businesses have not been so lucky when it comes to stolen goods. Jewellery Wholesalers had a very different fate when jewellery valued at over $2.5 million was stolen from their premises. Stories like these are proof that when it comes to protecting your business, any possible measure you can take is worth it. Security grilles are great for withstanding the effects of both burglaries and vandalism in small businesses by preventing unwanted individuals from accessing entryway doors.

KRGS Doors have a wide range of security grilles available to meet your needs and your budget. Each type of grille is well suited for different purposes and applications available in different sizes and levels of protection. All grilles are of top quality and come with a 12-month warranty. For a lot of peace of mind at an affordable price, security grilles are the optimum way to protect your commercial and residential properties against unwanted crime. Security grilles are a great investment that will pay dividends in the long term.

For more information on our company and range of products please contact us on 1800897822 or visit our website on

We look forward to being of service.

For more information on our company and range of products please contact us on 1800897822 or visit our website on

We look forward to being of service.

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