Roller shutter maintenance tips

More and more homeowners and business owners alike continue to invest in the many benefits that come with roller shutters. Roller shutters do not only provide a high degree of security, but also serve an aesthetic purpose. With roller shutters, people are at ease knowing that their homes and commercial businesses are protected.

For those considering installing roller shutters for security, it’s essential to think about the maintenance that also comes with ensuring your roller shutters last for many years to come. The team here at KRGS Doors know roller shutters inside out—have a read of our top roller shutter maintenance tips below. 


Cleaning your roller shutters

One of the most important roller shutter maintenance tips is keeping your roller shutters clean. Over time, your roller shutters can accumulate a significant build-up of dirt so it is important to clean them regularly.


To keep them clean, you can wash your roller shutters with water and soap. You should avoid sticky products for roller shutter maintenance. Instead of keeping your roller shutters clean, lubricants tend to make dust and dirt stick to them. All roller shutters will be different, so it’s important to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to roller shutter maintenance and how to best clean them. 


Extending the life of your roller shutters

Regular roller shutter maintenance is crucial for extending the life of your shutters. To make sure that your roller shutters last, you should look out for signs of wear and tear and address these issues right away. Some of these issues may be minor, so fixing them will not be a problem. However, we recommend asking the help of professionals for major roller shutter maintenance concerns.


Signs you may be due for new roller shutters

While you may have done your part in keeping up with regular roller shutter maintenance, roller shutters will still deteriorate over time. If you are having a hard time operating your roller shutters, or if they have acquired dents and damages affecting their function, then this is a clear sign that you may be due for new roller shutters. 


You may notice that your roller shutters aren’t opening and closing as smoothly as they once did. The roller shutters may even become jammed or you could notice an irritating squeaking noise when operating them. These could all be minor issues that may be fixed with a simple repair, or they could potentially be signs that it’s time for new roller shutters entirely.  


With combined years of experience and competent service, KRGS Doors has continued to be a leader in the door industry. We offer a wide range of roller shutters perfect for your every need. We provide high-quality products, installation and repair services with affordable pricing.

Are you searching for roller shutter maintenance work or repairs? Get in touch with our team at KRGS Doors or browse our complete product range today.

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