Importance of a Site Measure


An accurate site measure is one of the most important steps to ensure your Roller Shutter, Roller Grille, Bi-Fold Door or Folding Closure is fit for your purpose. All KRGS Doors are made to measure to suit the requirements of your project. Measurement inaccuracies can cause your project a substantial financial loss along with a loss in both time and production which in most cases is very hard to regain. Accuracy in measuring is a specialist job when it comes to Roller Shutters, Roller Grilles, Bi-Fold Doors, and Folding Closures.  It is so important to ensure your site is ready when our team attended to conduct the site measure.


Even before the plans are drawn up, we can have dialogs with your Designers and Architects to assist the correct product to meet your requirements can be specified. Also, the KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. This could save a lot of time and money down the track to ensure your goals are achieved with the look you are going for and a KRGS Doors product will suit this.


Plans are fine for us to quote from using the details specified by the architect or designer. However, before the door is manufactured an accurate site measure needs to be carried out. If you need plans to be looked at, we can do this via email or discuss via Zoom or Skype Facilities.


To correctly complete an accurate site measure KRGS Doors require support beams and walls in place to ensure the product will be manufactured to the correct details. It is important to measurement at the bottom, middle, and top of an opening between walls and also left, centre, and right sides from floor to above support so we can identify walls or floors/ceilings that are out of plumb. Out of plumb walls/floors/ceilings will reflect different measurements from the bottom, middle, and top of the openings and left, centre, and right sides. This process ensures we get an accurate measure to manufacture the door to. By visiting the site our technicians can identify any requirements, specific obstructions, or services in the area that should be taken into consideration when installing the door.

This site visit also allows our team to take into consideration the best way to install the door and logistically move the door into the project, I.E parking, carrying the door in, Fixing requirements, etc.

Once this process is agreed upon and everything is in order the door can then go into manufacturing, then installed.

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