Dining Room with a View

      Folding Doors for café’s and restaurants are trending more than ever due to the new smoking laws being passed in different states. Aluminium Bi fold doors as they are also known allow the customer the opportunity to be indoors with the feel of outdoors as well. Outdoor areas can also be created by opening the doors up across the width of the whole area with seating placed on the other side. Clayton Blackman managing director of KRGS Doors says replacing pokey windows or outdated doors gives an instant lift, more space and with the subtle frames allows unrestricted views. Our clients love the fact they can “open up” and create a completely different ambience with folding doors. All folding closures are manual operation and can be opened with ease even by the most diminutive staff member. Manufactured in our Sydney warehouse the panels in the doors are filled in with choice of glass, polycarbonate or perforated mesh.

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