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KRGS Roller Shutters provide maximum security and privacy at a very competitive price range, with a selection of Roller Shutters to suit your needs and requirements.

Aluminium Stacking Doors For Your Garage

It’s a nice feeling to park your car in a well-protected garage space, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about your beloved vehicle when you pull the keys out and walk out of the garage space. But you will only experience such peace of mind when you know that a solid garage door protects the vehicles inside the garage. So, do you have a secure and well-built door in front of the garage? KRGS Doors can supply aluminium stacking doors for your garage, and quite probably for many other sites as well.

So, what’s holding you back from joining our team? We have everything you need, from top-notch manufacturing services to hassle-free and seamless installation of aluminium stacking doors. You just have to plug in some details about your needs and requirements, and that’s it!

KRGS Doors Welcomes You – We Are Delighted To Work For You

There is something unique and welcoming about fully Australian-owned enterprises, isn’t it? Well, KRGS Doors is one such company offering top-of-the-line services regarding roller shutters, security grilles, and aluminium stacking doors. We not only design and manufacture these excellent security apparatus across Australia, but we install them as well. So, you have the complete package right in front of your homes, commercial entities, and industrial sites.

Just one call and our experts will connect with you immediately. At KRGS Doors we assure you of the quality and workmanship we put into every one of our aluminium stacking doors. From using the best quality raw materials to preparing the most precise design drawings for your project, KRGS Doors is the perfect outlet for you.

Aluminium Stacking Door – Excellent Workmanship

Since 2007, we have established ourselves as one of the key players in this industry. With our extensive and collective experience of more than 56 years, you are in good hands. Our team puts their passion and sweat while carving out each product in the assembly line because our customers deserve the best products!

Designs: we work with structural engineers and architectural experts before phasing into the manufacturing part. They help us to create the perfect blueprint, which is then used by our production team in the manufacturing plant. You can request the technical specifications for your aluminium stacking garage door at KRGS Doors!

Production: next comes the part where our excellent fabricators work as per the design drawings that we discussed earlier. Yes, at KRGS Doors everyone works in unison with a shared goal in their minds. That is why we can manufacture the perfect finished product in our workshop. We have all the cutting-edge technology and machinery available with us so that you can expect a top-class product delivery.

Supply: and now comes the supply part of your requirements. At KRGS Doors, we have a robust chain of supply and delivery. We carefully pack all the components of your aluminium stacking door in soft packing material. Due to this, we can almost negate any risk of damage during transit. The product reaches your home in one piece without any trouble.

Installation: Finally, we should talk about the installation. Yes, it’s one of the most significant parts of our services to you. Without a proper and hassle-free installation, why would you even hire us? And that is why KRGS Doors has some of the finest door installers and technicians working for us. So, they can visit your home, office building or industrial site and install the aluminium stacking door properly.

Rest assured, we will put a wide and bright smile on your face, and that’s our promise to you. Being the leading security door supplier and installer in Australia, we never make fake promises. So why not give us a try? KRGS Doors is happy to be at your service!

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