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Myer Store at Liverpool - 19 mm Grilles

Sector: Retail
Client: Westfield
Location: Liverpool NSW



When you need a facelift you see the experts…..That is what Westfield did when the Myer Store at Liverpool wanted a new look. Westifeld engaged KRGS Doors for a new 19mm Grilles for the shop front doors, Steel Shutters for the loading dock, Counterline Shutters for the fire hydrant cupboards

The iconic store set out over two levels in the heart of the Shopping Town needed a renovation to keep up with the style Westfield wanted to achieve. Myer is Westfield Liverpool’s major retail anchor and need KRGS Doors to come up with something special.

Adopting a merged 19mm Grille to allow light and airflow and Series III Shutter for security KRGS met the design brief for the shop front roller doors

With limited access space KRGS Door had to use all their expertise to handle this situation.

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