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Ultimate All Aluminium Grille

Ultimate All Aluminium Grille

The KRGS Ultimate All Aluminium Grille has a streamlined, easily operated curtain, specifically designed from 12mm aluminium tube and extruded aluminium links to provide a high level of security and airflow.

Suitable applications include shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks,  arcades, serveries, sporting clubs and stadiums, airports, fire reel cupboards, schools, doorways and carparks.

The KRGS Ultimate All Aluminium Grille can be supplied in a vast arrange of sizes and colour finishes to suit all decors.



• Ideal for shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks, arcades, serveries, sporting clubs and stadiums, airports, schools and doorways. 

• Suitable for openings up to up to 3600mm x 3000 (manual) and 6000mm x 4000mm (motorised)


Architectural Specification

Supply and install Ultimate All Aluminium Grille manufactured by KRGS Roller Grilles and Shutters 1800 897 822.



The KRGS All Aluminium Grille has a sleek, easy to operate curtain manufactured from 12mm aluminium extrusion tubing connected with a 22mm wide aluminium extruded links creating a  symmetrical, brick like pattern. The KRGS All Aluminium Grille allows retailers to retain visual product branding and airflow while their products are secure.


Manual operation, push-up and pull-down with supplied pull stick. Shutters can be electrically motorised with key switch or remote control operation as an optional extra. Optional Battery Backup System available.



Clear anodised is the standard, whilst Dulux powder coat range is available as an optional extra.



A 12 month warranty against defective materials and workmanship applies.

Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.
View / Download technical specification sheets to assist in decision-making and installation


The curtain is constructed of heavy duty 12mm aluminium tubing connected by tough extruded aluminium links riverted to the aluminium tubing forming a brick pattern. This combines the strength and durability of aluminium with a pleasing appearance


Bottom Rail

The bottom rail is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 90mm in height and 20mm in width. The locking mechanism for the shutter is concealed in this rail and can be key-operated from both sides.



Locking is a two way key mortice lock mounted in the centre of the bottom rail, that slides a steel shoot bolt out into the side guides. Standard  locking position allows locking with operation from both inside and outside. Multiple doors can also be keyed alike.


Side Guides

Side Guides are 50mm deep by 30mm wide extruded aluminium suitable for face fit or through the mouth of the guide if fitted between walls.



The standard 180 degree mullion is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section 150mm wide x 30mm; a steel shoot bolt secures the mullion into the floor. Special mullions are also  available to suit a variety of degrees and applications. Special wide mullions can be manufactured to suit any angle shall be fabricated with 1.6mm aluminium sheet securely fitted to our standard side guides for angle openings where doors need to be stacked.



Brackets are manufactured from slotted 90mm x 40mm mild galvanized steel.



The drum is manufactured using a 150mm diameter tube if manual or if motorised it is a 229mm diameter tube with an internal springdesigned to counterbalance the operation of the shutter.



Are you not sure which door is the best application for your project? KRGS’ White Paper will be able to assist in guiding you as to what door is best to meet your needs. A door design with you in mind, there is a KRGS product option to suit most of your requirements.

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