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High Security Grille
The KRGS High Security Grille allows maximum airflow, visibility in a pleasing brick pattern. Designed from 12mm aluminium tube and tough extruded nylon links to provide a high level of security
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Ultimate All Aluminium Grille
The KRGS Ultimate All Aluminium Grille has a streamlined, easily operated curtain, specifically designed from 12mm aluminium tube and extruded aluminium links to provide a high level of security and airflow.
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19 mm Aluminium Grille
The KRGS 19mm Grille is designed from aluminium tube and links to provide a high level of security while maintaining an open feel and maximum airflow.
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KRGS security grilles allow airflow and ventilation as well as visibility without sacrificing strength and security

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Providing top security to your commercial premises shouldn’t mean sacrificing visibility. Your shopfront is an integral part of a store’s success, and even when it’s shut can entice potential customers to visit later. With security grills, you can ensure that security is maintained without disrupting the products you have on display near the front of your establishment.

Our range of security grills (Sydney manufactured and distributed Australia-wide) are available manually operated or with automatic motorized operation if needs. High quality materials like aluminium and tough extruded nylon links means that you can have peace of mind about your store.

KRGS Security Grills – Sydney, Melbourne and all major Australian cities can count on us! 

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