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Counterweight Doors

Counter Weight Door

Counter Weight Door

The Counter weight door is suitable for internal and external use. The design and construction of this door along with rigid quality control ensures long service life.


This door is designed using a wide variety of cladding and glazing patterns. The design and construction of this door along with rigid quality control ensures long service life.



Suitable for commercial and industrial use. These doors may be used to span large openings up to 30 metres wide and can be designed beyond this size as the need requires. Each door is individually engineered using precise mathematical calculations to perfect the exact counterweight balance to achieve safety and appearance. Very little headroom is necessary for this door and minimum internal projection is required.



The Counteweight Door is manufactured in a two leaf or single leaf configuration and counterweighted to lift vertically or horizontally into an open position. The steel frame may be painted, powder coated or galvanized to suit individual requirements. Cladding of the door may be Glass, Colour Bond or a variety of other coverings.



Doors are constructed from RHS steel section are suitable, braced and/or trussed, determined by engineering and site requirements. The standard design is based on a 0.55kpa wind load. (adjusted to suit engineering and site requirements)


Structure of Openings

Openings are to be constructed plumb and true with sufficient clearance, at the front and at the rear of the opening to allow for door travel. Adequate head and nib room need to be provided.


Most types of cladding are available. Please consult with KRGS for specific claddings.



Doors may be fully or partially glazed to suit design requirements. Standard glass is 6mm safety glass. Toughened, tinted and specific glass is available upon request.


Weight Covers

Each counterweight is encased by a folded steel cover for safety and improved appearance. This can be colour matched to the door.



Manual doors will be locked via pad bolts (padlocks by others). A lock-open device to secure the door in the open position is fitted to all manual doors. Motorised doors will be held or closed by the motor.


Weather Seals

Finned brush seals will be fitted to the perimeter, centre and base of the door.


Electrical Specification

Doors may be electrically operated. The standard motor is 415V, 1hp, 0.75kw motor.



As a standard finish the doors are fabricated from blue steel and then sandblasted and coated as required. (paint or powder coated)


Access Doors

These may be incorporated in the bottom panel, door height permitting.

Note: KRGS has a continuous program of development sizes or configuration of product may change at any time. For the latest in design and specification please consult with KRGS by calling us.


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